Industry pros rave about Dan

“Over the 20 years I’ve known Dan Rosen, I found his feedback and notes on scripts to be excellent. As a writer-director he has an insight into story, structure and character that only a fellow filmmaker can have.”

Danny Strong

writer/director Rebel in the Rye

writer The Hungers Games 2&3, Recount, Game Change

co-creator Empire

“Dan can talk story and scripts for days. He has a keen eye for what works and what doesn’t in a script and he can explain it to you in a way that doesn’t make you feel like a dipshit. He’s insightful and inspiring at the same time. If you’re considering having someone give you notes on your script – Dan’s the man.”

Scott Rosenberg

writer/producer Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Con-Air, High Fidelity, Beautiful Girls, Everything Sucks, October Road, Life on Mars

“Dan Rosen is a prolific writer-director and a 40-year Hollywood veteran. Dan’s directorial debut, Dead Man's Curve first caught my attention when it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 1998. Since then, I have come to rely on Dan as a reliable sounding board on a good number of major projects. Dan’s high-concept stories, ideas and screenplays have been a source of inspiration, and production, across the film industry for decades. Dan’s vision, taste and innate understanding of essential film structure are among his many gifts. From thrillers to comedies, indies to epics, the man knows his stuff. I believe that any aspiring, or even experienced, filmmaker could benefit enormously from his developmental support.”

David Hayter

writer X-Men, X-Men United, The Watchmen, The Scorpion King

“Dan is the first person I send any of my writing to, whether he likes it or not. His experience as a writer, director and producer make him an invaluable resource when it comes to taking a script to that difficult next level. He has endless constructive insights into the craft of writing as well as helpful tips on navigating the industry in general. His feedback is always helpful and inspiring.”

Josh Lawson

writer/director The Little Death and Oscar Nominee for Best Short 2018 The 11 O’Clock

“Dan Rosen is a professional writer and director who has worked in television and film, had his plays staged around the world, and teaches college level screenwriting. Why wouldn't you take advantage of his experience, his commercial insight, and his vast knowledge of the industry? Seriously, why wouldn’t you?”

Adam Fierro

TV writer/producer The Shield, 24, Dexter, The Walking Dead, Narcos

“Dan Rosen understands that writing is re-writing, and his notes always take my script to the next level. He gets character and story, and he knows how to communicate with fellow writers – which is rare. I trust Dan with my work because I know his instincts are always on target.”

Liz Craft

TV writer/producer For The People, The Family, The 100, Lie To Me, Vampire Diaries, The Shield, Angel

“I’ve known Dan for way too long, and in that time, he’s given me countless tips and strategies for improving my writing. He has a knack for zeroing in on a script’s weak underbelly and a fan’s enthusiasm for recognizing a great idea. You want Dan on your side.”

Mike Horowitz

TV writer The Gifted, Burn Notice, Prison Break

“Last year I wrote my first ever screenplay, a horror film called Island Zero. I sent Dan my first draft and in a super quick turnaround, his excellent notes and ideas were invaluable in helping me move the script from a that initial draft directly to a shooting script.”

Tess Gerristen

NY Times best-selling author, Rizzoli & Isles Mystery Series (which inspired the TNT television series Rizzoli & Isles starring Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander)

screenwriter Island Zero

“I first met Dan when he had his 2nd film at Sundance. We shared a house and many conversations about filmmaking. He has since become my most trusted sounding board. I always put my first drafts through the ‘Rosen ringer.’ Sure, he’s a master of the screenwriting craft, but his secret weapon is that he’s also a director. Writing a great screenplay is one thing, writing a great screenplay that can translate to the screen is another.”

Dave Payne

writer/director Reeker, Adams’ Family Reunion, Supah Ninjas

“I met Dan at a coffee shop. We were writing, started talking.  He made me laugh. Several years later, I hired him on a sitcom. Dan's an amazing writer and great in a room. He definitely helped make the scripts better. And he will for sure make your scripts better too! And he still makes me laugh!"

Kriss Turner Towner

writer/producer Greenleaf, The Romanoffs, Bernie Mac, Everybody Hates Chris

“Dan Rosen is one of my favorite people in the industry. A talented, edgy screenwriter, Dan is a mainstay at Austin Film Festival and has served as a panelist, pitch judge, mentor, and competition juror many times in the past. Most of all, though, Dan is a champion. He believes in others, sees the best in them, and always sticks his neck out to help them achieve their goals. I love working with Dan. You will too. You want Dan Rosen in your corner.”

Harrison Glaser

Film Competition Director, Austin Film Festival

“I enlisted Dan to give me notes on a feature drama that's based on a true story. Not only did Dan provide feedback that was both insightful and helpful, but he also offered to send the script to a director he knows.  Which he did! Talk about going above and beyond the scope of my expectations! What a kind and generous gesture.“

Deirdre Brenner

animation producer The Fairly OddParents, Apollo Gauntlet, Land Before Time: Journey of the Brave

“Dan is not only a fantastic writer/director, but his notes on my work are always spot on, insightful, and constructive. He is the like the dog whisperer of screenwriters, minus the dogs and the whispering. Come to think of it, he’s actually quite loud.”

Jonathan Kesselman

writer/director The Hebrew Hammer

“Dan Rosen read my script and within the first five minutes of conversation cracked the case. He gave me the one idea I needed to make it so much better. As a successful writer and director in his own right, he has walked the walk. The guy knows his stuff.”

Steve Skrovan

writer/producer Everybody Loves Raymond, School of Rock, Hot in Cleveland

"Dan always gives me the most constructive and helpful notes with all my scripts. I have great respect and trust in what he has to say because he's an actual working writer and director and that's why he's always able to help me take my scripts to a whole other level."

George Zaver 

award winning director, David & Goliath, Unspoken

“Everyone in this business can spot holes and flaws in any script, but Dan has an uncanny ability to see the possibilities in those holes and help you fill them with ideas that actually make your script better. He can be brutally honest without being dismissive and is always good-natured and super-supportive in his approach – a colleague and mentor, not a critic. And the fact that he’s actually made movies gives him a comfortable authenticity that allows you to quickly get to the business of making a great script.”

Ben Livingston

writer The Raven

Dan’s gift — I’m working with him on a feature rewrite now —is that he comes at a script from four points of view: writer, director, producer, professor. He doesn’t just find flaws. He brings solutions, new ideas and life to story and characters. With his deep knowledge of film and TV past and present he can work in any genre. Plus he knows the business. You can’t get a better-informed take on your writing. Long story short, Dan's smart, fast, funny and a blast to work with.

Scott Sturgeon

writer Black Dog (uncredited), Asteroid, The Elder Son, other unproduced studio and indie features
producer May
assistant professor, screenwriting California State University Northridge

“Dan’s deep industry background and love for the classics provides him the ability to give meaningful feedback that will improve any script. He is a delight to work with and will make even the harshest criticism entertaining to receive. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a first-timer, he can help you make your work marketable.”

Jessica Hill

corporate executive & writer

“Dan has a great eye for movies. His keen sense of humor and excellent writing skills make him super easy to work with, but it’s his alliance to women in the industry that makes him a cut above the rest.”

Amanda Harmon

MFA student & writer 

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