Rosen Reads in Hollywood, London, and the Austin Film Festival!

Freeloaders poster
Dead Man's Curve poster
The Last Supper poster
Directing Branson
Freeloaders set
Directing Freeloaders 3
Directing Dead Man's Curve 2
Directing Dead Man's Curve 1
Directing 1
Directing 2
Directing 3
Directing 4
"First Family" Writer's Room
With young writers group
Will Ferrell
Natalie Dormer
Josh Lawson
Norman Lear
Robert Townsend
Michael Lionsdale
Matthew Lillard Press Tour
Keri Russell
Kel Mitchell
John Waters
Josh Charles
Fox News Movie Talk show with John Lee Hancock
James Wong
Dana Delaney
Alex Borenstein
Charles Durning
Cloris Leachman
With Actor Director Adrian Lester
Zuleika Robinson from HBO's ROME
Ted Lange
Ruth Bradley from Humans
The Last Supper screening
London Film Society Last Supper Club screening
With Martin Landau
Andrew Kevin Walker
Being Interviewed at Austin Film Festival
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